The leading european with a global approach

  • Agriculture
    World's leading producer of agricultural twines, our products are the result of a strong investment in innovation and know-how
  • Industry
    Agrotextiles and innovative processes for a better efficiency in the future of agriculture
  • Defence
    Is deeply involved in the differente areas of Marine activities, with products oriented for the Defence and Commercial Marine
  • Marine & Fishing
    Cotesi has dedicated over 40 years of its work to the development of solutions for the marine and fishing industry
  • Yachting & Leisure
    In the radical boat racing waters, ALPHAROPES comes up with the strongest solutions for sports and leisure
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Featured Product

New 13 Kg Spools!
New 13 Kg Spools!


New Cotesi Application for tablets
New Cotesi Application for tablets

COTESI is proud to introduce its CROP BALING SIMULATOR, a tool that will help our customers decide on which product to acquire and also understand which COTESI product is ideal for each equipment.