UNItech range

Published Monday, 22 January 2018

COTESI has been for the last 50 years, a reference in Crop Packaging all over the world.

Being the only manufacturer with plants in 3 continents, our proposal is global and our products engineered to perform in the most demanding conditions.

The new generation of Square Balers, with speeds and pressures increasing every year, require a completely new range of extra strong baler twines.

The latest technology in the production in Baler Twines is now available, our UNI TECH range.

We believe we have created the perfect twine, UNIque in its texture, strength and grip.

  • UNIque for the Extrusion technology, with a whole new extrusion system designed to stretch plastic as never before, while maintaining its molecular integrity during twisting and winding operations.

  • UNIque for the Raw Materials used, with the latest range of Copolymers.

  • UNIque for the Additives used, with Process, UV Stabilizer and Thermal Additives, designed to protect the unique characteristic of the extruded tapes.

  • UNIque for the Increased Strength, with the higher Knot Strength experienced in the market.

  • And above all, UNIQUE for the best Fibrillation and Softness you will ever see.

YOU will be able to discover the unique texture of these twines providing a maximum grip.

UNItech will be available with two different types of Baler Twines: 

  • UNI and UNI XL designed for Hay, Grass and Straw, in a Red colour.

  • Big Bale and Big Bale XL designed for HD Balers on Straw, in a Straw Beige colour.