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D-Tech 8 Strands

D-Tech 8 Strands

Made from HMWPE fibres and protected by a self unique impregnation that improves its abrasion resistance, Cotesi D-Tech ropes must be considered when high breaking strengths are required. Stronger than steel wire of same weight, have proven to be a cost-saving replacement for wire rope in several applications. Its 8-strands plaited construction is smooth and non rotational.
  • JOSCAR Accreditation

  • Advantages
    • 1/7 of the steel wire weight;
    • Longer life time compared to steel wire;
    • Low operational costs;
    • Low elongation;
    • Non kinking and non rotating construction;
    • Easy and safer handling;
    • Very Easy to splice;
    • Raw material: HMWPE;
    • Specific Gravity: 0,98 (floats);
    • Melting Point: 150C;
    • Elongation at % of BS:
    25% . 0,9%
    50% . 1,6%
  • Applications
    • Mooring lines
    • Anchor line
    • Winch lines
    • Towing and tug ropes