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Static Ropes

Static Ropes

Designed and certified to comply with the requirements CE EN1891, Static Ropes are a key product for usage with all our Harnesses and auxiliary accessories.

Manufactured using blends of different fibres that allow a combination of Static, Dynamic and Heat Resistant properties that provide maximum performance.

Produced in 10.5, 11 and 12 mm, in 3 basic colours (Black, White and Red). White and Black colours are supplied with 4 combination of marker years (Orange, Pink, Green and Yellow).

Adapted to a wide range of industries.
  • Technical Informations
     10,5 7,1  3400  50, 100 and 200 
     11 7,8 3700  50, 100 and 200 
     12 9,5 4500
    50, 100 and 200  

    All our harnesses are designed to provide maximum comfort, with constant changes depending on the specific requirements of the user.
    For this reason, all ropes and accessories are adapted to the new requirements and as such, permanent development is conducted.

    Whenever using Ropes, make sure a previous inspection is conducted; in case of doubt ask a Competent Person to run an inspection. Above all, Feel Safe.