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Maxicover 3000 & 3600


Maxicover 3000 & 3600

A netwrap with a standard thread construction, well known in the market and performing on every baler and baling conditions.

The result of 30 years of constant development and accumulated know-how.



Produced using a combination of advanced polymers with high tenacity threads;

Maximum performance, designed to spread through the whole surface of the bale, covering up to 2 inches over the edge.

the edge of the bale.



Meters per Roll: 3000 | 3600

Rolls per Pallet: 32 | 28



Netwrap is produced with a combination of knitted threads in both longitudinal (the wrap) and transverse directions (the weft).

The performance of the net is the result of how the threads behave when the bale is made.

Cross X-Pand is a net with a unique patented design, where you can see the same vertical longitudinal threads but the cross transverse threads forming double triangles covering the crop much better.



Maxicover is designed to spreed over the bale, covering up to 2 inches over the edge.

We don't want the net to spread too much and make opening of the bale difficult if the net is caught below, especially incolder environments.


Performance of the net is Linked to the type of crop, diameter of the bale and baling conditions.

Please note our recommendations regarding the Number of Wraps:

Silage: 2

Hay: 3

Straw: 4



Strength of the Netwrap is given by the joint combination of the longitudinal (warp) and transverse (weft) threads. Only if both set of threads are strong enough, the net performs as expected.

If any fail, the performance of the net will be affected and you will notice on the finished bale, with the bad consequences this may have.

Warp threads are responsible for holding the net when handling with forks or piled on the stacks. Weft threads are responsible for ensuring the spread of the net when the bale is formed, holding its shape when it is handled with grabs and on the stacks when stored.



Quality Number

Edge Markers

Extra Strength

UV Protection

Waterproof Cardboard Centers

Guarenteed Length

Plastic Spacers


Roll end Warning Stripe

Carry Handles