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Crop Covers | SUBTEX

Crop Covers | SUBTEX

For a Better crop Stack protection.



Is a Heavy Non Woven polypropylene fabric, designed to protect Hay and Straw on stacks. A smooth outer face to prevent water in the stack, a rough inner face for a better adhesion to the crop on the stack.



4 Years UV Guarantee

It breathes, moisture escapes through

Resistant to tearing and high winds

Place bales creating na angle as shown

Fabric should be stretched

Use a Clackpack adptor or a Silobag to secure, always above ground

Leave a space between stack and the fabric to create ventilation underneath if possible

When positioning, please ensure to create a minimum slope of 45 so that water slides perfectly.



Round Bales: 10.4 x 25 m

Square Bales: 15.6 x 25 m | 18 x 25 m