Sustainability & Environment


This is how we care about the Planet

COTESI UK is an active member of APE UK. We want to help to provide farmers with a sustainable solution, being part of environmental schemes that allow a considerable increase of the quantity and the quality of plastics collected.

COTESI is engaged in the permanente implementation of policies and procedures according to the requirements of ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems.


Aware of the environmental impact of its industrial activities, COTESI promotes the following principles:

  • Implementation of new and clean technologies in order to guarantee the continuous reduction and prevention of pollution aiming to a sustainable development.
  • Minimize the environmental risks in all sites
  • Create awareness on all employees to their input so that our goals may be achived
  • Only use in our production, materials that are fully recyclable
  • To develop new products, lighter but stronger, in order to minimize the amount of plastics in fields and seas of the world.